Fish & Chips (2pc)

English cut cod served with a side salad and French fries. We include tartat sauce, a lemon wedge and a dinner bun to make this a popular choice.

Baron O'Beef

We use our own top round served in a toasted hoagie bun with au jus dip a side salad and French Fries.

Chicken Fingers

All white breast fillet chicken tenders served with your choice of dip, side salad & French fries. Four fingers for sure.

Spinach Salad & Chicken Fingers

Fresh spinach salad mixed with our wonderful creamy sweet dressing, sliced mushrooms, real bacon bits & cauliflower topped with grated egg. Served with all white breast fillet chicken tenders (dips) & garlic toast.


Thinly sliced seasoned beef and lamb with onion, tomatoes, parsley,and a zesty sauce wrapped in pita bread. Served with side salad. Besides our pie, it's one of the most talked about.

Cold Plate

Cold cuts of turkey, ham, tomato, cucumber, celery, cheddar cheese and an egg. Served with potatoe salad and a dinner bun with your choice of dressing.

Hot Stuffed Baked Potato

Stuffed? Mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese, green onions and real bacon bits stuffed in a potato skin. Served with a generous portion of sour cream.