Most of our breakfasts are served with grated hashbrowns grilled on both sides. If you prefer a change we offer a variety upon request: sliced pan fries, sliced deep fried pan fries or savoury hashbrowns. Served anytime.

Two Eggs Any Style

Two farm fresh eggs and hashbrowns will do it. Served with toast.

French Toast

Three huge slice of egg bread, a generous covering of icing suger - served with hot syrup.

Hot Cakes

Three Fraser Valley sized hot cakes, topped with whipped butter - the syrups hot.....

Bacon & Eggs

4 strips of bacon, two farm fresh eggs & hashbrowns. You may substitute the bacon for ham or sausage if you'd like. Served with a choice of white, brown, sourdough or rye toast.

Farmer Sausage & Eggs

Fraser Valley Meat's own Farmer's sausage, a couple of farm fresh eggs, hashbrowns and served with toast. Try this with steak sauce!

Farmer's Breakfast

We dice the farmers sausage with savoury diced hashbrowns, pepers, onions and tomatoes. Scramble the eggs, mix and grill it up. Top it with mild cheddar cheese. Served with toast.

Three Egg Cheese Omlette

Use your imagination to create your favourite omelette (extra ingredients .60 cents each). Served with hashbrowns and goes great with sourdough toast.

Breakfast Muffin

Thick ham, egg and cheese between a toasted English muffin - a quick breakfast. Served with hashbrowns.

French Toast, Bacon & Eggs

Two thick slices of egg bread covered in icing sugar, 3 strips of bacon and two farm fresh eggs - hpoe you're hungry! (You may substitute French toast for Hot Cakes and the bacon for sausage or ham.)

Eggs Benny

A toasted English muffin, two poached farm fresh eggs and ham smothered in creamy hollandaise - we'll throw in the hashbrowns.

Mexi Wrap

Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, peppers & Cheddar/Jack cheese with salsa on the side. Served wrapped in a tortilla with savoury diced hashbrowns.

Scrable Wrap

Scrambled eggs, peppers tomatoes & Cheddar/Jack cheese. Served wrapped in a tprtilla with savoury diced hashbrowns.